Ownership Opportunities
Now that you've experienced the Club Donatello, how would you like to become an Owner? If you haven't experienced the Club, you can get a preview by taking a Club Tour or make a reservation to try us out.


​The Club Donatello Owners Association is made up of 2,295 Owners, based on the 45 Club Rooms that are divided into 51 Proprietary Interest Units (seven days/nights for each Unit)
Our Owners enjoy the opportunity to stay at the Club whenever they are in San Francisco, or they can use their ownership to trade/exchange their Club Donatello Owner's Time into other first-class resort properties around the world. Through the resources of Resort Condominiums International (RCI), Interval International (II), San Francisco Exchange (SFX), Trading Places International (TP) and 7Across; many of our Club Donatello Owners trade their Club Donatello time one year and use their time at the Club the next year. This provides them with maximum flexibility to enjoy their time.

We look forward to the possibility that you, or someone you know, may want to become part of the Club Donatello Owners Association.

  • 1 Week Ownership at Club Donatello (Deeded Timeshare)
  • Does not include First Year Annual Dues & Taxes and Transfer Fee 
Purchase price of $7,500.00
*Additional fees will apply at time of closing
​* Anniversary Year - 12 months from Grant Deed Recording Date
 * 2022 Dues - per PIU (Proprietary Interest Unit)
 * Transfer Fee ($300 per Unit)

Please Call (415) 885.8815 |  (415) 885.8848
Or You May Email Us: administration@clubdonatello.org