Operational Rules & Regulations
The three (3) hour period between Check-Out Time and Check-in Time is reserved exclusively for the cleaning, inventory checking, repairing and maintaining of all the 45 Club Units. Upon your arrival to your Club Room, you will find your Unit fresh and clean and fully prepared for your use.
Year-Round Club Donatello Use
As an Owner in good standing, you may use the Club Donatello facilities at any time during the year, which includes the Club 1500 area, and this is in addition to your Regular Time or Bonus Time. You are required to operate in compliance with all Club Donatello, Pacific Plaza Condominium Association and Hotel Donatello Rules and Regulations whenever you are in the Donatello building.
No animals or pets of any kind are allowed in any Unit or upon any portion of the Club Donatello or the Donatello building. Exceptions may be made for Disability Service Animals, only when such arrangements are made in writing, at least 2 weeks in advance, inclusive of the medical documentation. However, the responsibility for care and cleaning up after the Disability Service Animal, and any expenses associated with such care while in the Club Donatello, remains the complete responsibility of the Owner and/or Guest, and will be billed and collected from the Owner/Guest accordingly.
Club 1500 & Fitness Center Area
As an Owner in good standing, you may use the Club and Fitness Center located on the 15th floor between the scheduled hours of operation, which are generally from 7 AM - 10 PM. All persons residing within your Unit are extended this privilege at no additional charge, as long as they are registered Guests. You may arrange to use the Fitness Center with outside Guests, provided that you pay the required fees and accompany such Guests and remain with them in the Fitness Center area. You and members of your immediate family may also use the Fitness Center when you are not residing at the Club Donatello, provided that no more than two (2) persons at one time do so. If you are a Corporate Owner, your use of the Fitness Center may be restricted to two (2) designated users per day during periods when officers or employees of your corporation are not in actual residence at the Club Donatello. The Association reserves the right to establish additional rules regarding such corporate use to avoid overuse of the Fitness Center by non-resident corporate officers and employees, including the establishment of minimum periods (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.), during which designated users may not be changed.
No commercial or personal soliciting is permitted, whether within a Proprietary Interest Unit or the common area, at any time by any Owner, Guest, Exchange User, Team Member, or member of the general public.
Microwave Oven/ Cooking Equipment
No oven or any cooking equipment of any kind is allowed to be used in any Club Unit, except as provided by the CDOA/Club Donatello. A microwave oven is available for Owners and Guests to use in the Club Lounge on the 15th Floor from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, by contacting the Concierge at ext. 8806 from your Club Room.
Parking & Valet Services
Parking and Valet services are provided on a space-available basis in the parking structure located on the lower floors of the Donatello. This is provided at a discounted rate to Owners in good standing during their Regular Time use only. Parking is limited and is shared among all occupants.
  • The Club Donatello has a guaranteed right to a percentage of these parking spaces. However, if parking demand exceeds availability, with respect to the guaranteed spaces, overflow parking may be available. If the garage is completely full, you will have to park in one of several public parking facilities in the vicinity of the Donatello at your own expense.
  • If you park within the garage during a time not included in your Regular Time period, such as Bonus Time, you will be charged the regular posted public parking rate. Applicable parking charges are subject to change.
Your Guests/Family Members
You may permit another person(s) to occupy your Unit during your Regular Use period, without charge by the Club Donatello, however, all such time will be charged to your Owner's Regular Use account.
  • You may invite others to share occupancy of your Unit during your Regular Time, provided that the maximum allowable occupancy limit for the Unit is not exceeded. This is to ensure conformance with all fire/safety and building code occupancy limitations, and the preservation of appropriate peace and quiet for all other adjoining and/or adjacent Club Room occupants.
  • You may not permit another person(s) to occupy your Unit during Bonus time, unless they occupy the same Unit with you, including overnight stays. You may have Guests join you in your Unit during Bonus time, provided that the maximum allowable occupancy limit for the Unit is not exceeded, as noted for Regular Time use above.
  • The Club Donatello Reservations Department will not give access to your Unit to anyone else without written permission from the Owner in whose name there is a confirmed reservation.
  • If you intend for a person(s) other than yourself to use your Regular Time, or to accompany you during your Regular Time, you must inform the Club Donatello Reservations Department of this prior to your Check-In, including the name(s), address(es), E-mail address(es), and telephone number(s) of such person(s).
  • At time of Check-In under these arrangements for someone else to use your Regular Time, your Family/Guests will be required to provide proof of identification, sign a standard Donatello Registration Card and provide the standard credit card authorization to cover all expenses associated with their stay.