General Rules and Regulations
Check-In and Check-Out Times
1. At what time may I Check-In to my reserved Unit?
Check-in time for Owners is 3PM and check-in time for non-owners/rentals is 4PM.
*Dependent on the Unit being fully ready for your arrival.
If for any reason your reserved Unit is not available immediately after 3/4PM, you are advised to either wait in the Club 1500 area, where complimentary tea and coffee are available, or in the Donatello Lobby area, or you may check-in your bags which will be secured for you in the Bell Captain's Closet area until you return.
2. Are there any other Check-In or Check-Out procedures to follow?
Yes. You are required to present a valid credit card to the Front Desk for purposes of securing payment of Personal Charges incurred by you during your stay. If you do not have a credit card, then a minimum payment of $150 per day of your scheduled reservation period will be required as a deposit at the time of Check-In.
3. At what time must I Check-Out of my reserved Unit?
Check-out time for Owners is 12PM and check-out time for non-owners/rentals is 11AM.
Any requests for extension of Check-Out Time are to be made either at the time of Check-in or as early as possible during your stay and require the approval of Club Donatello Management in advance. Should circumstances develop that involve a possible delayed Check-Out, you are required to contact the Club Management Team Member on duty and request approval for any such delay, and it may or may not be granted depending on the schedule required for cleaning and preparing the Club Room for the next Owner/Guest to be checked in.
Any delay or failure to Check-Out at the scheduled time and/or at the request of the Club Donatello Management will result in an additional daily room charge of no less than $200, or the loss of one Regular Time day from your Owners account, if same is available in your Owner's unused balance of Regular time for your current Anniversary year, plus any costs incurred by the Club Donatello in accommodating other Owners/Guests due to your failure to Check-Out as required.
Occupancy and Damage
1. Could I be prevented from occupying my Unit?
Yes. You may be denied occupancy of your Unit if there is any delay with the Housekeeping or there is Engineering & Maintenance required for your Unit, though such matters usually result in minor delays for Check-in as compared to a complete unavailability of your Unit. In such situations, an alternative room within the Club Donatello or possibly the Hotel Donatello can usually be obtained for you for the same period of time. However, if you are not current in the payment of any amounts owed to the Club Donatello, or if your Owner's rights have been suspended by the CDOA Board of Directors, you would be prevented from occupying your Unit.
2. How many adults and/or children may occupy my Unit?
The maximum allowable occupancy for a Unit is three (3) adults, or two adults and two children (both children must be under the age of 16). Based on availability of certain Club Room units, one additional adult and/or child may be accepted at no additional per person charge.
3. What if any damage and/or loss to my Unit or any of its contents are discovered at time of Check-in?
You are required to report any such damage and/or loss to your Unit, or any of its contents as soon as possible after Check-In, by notifying the Club Donatello Housekeeping Department. They will come and inspect your Unit thoroughly at that time and prepare the necessary report for your signature, so that no charges may be made against your account if you did not cause the damage or loss. Any damage or loss to your Unit or to any of its contents, which is not reported promptly by you after Check-in, will be charged to your account as a Personal Charge. Damage or loss includes any smoking in any of our 45 Club Rooms or on any part of our 11th, 12th and 14th floor areas. Any such violations will include a billing of Personal Charges to the offending party (ies) (see Schedule of fees on page 21)to cover the necessary costs such as, but not limited to, fumigation, shampooing and special deodorizing and cleaning of fabrics and all substances requiring treatment. Additional costs, which may be incurred by the Association, will also be billed and collected from the offending party (ies).
4. May I redecorate my Unit or move any of the furniture?
No. You are not permitted to make any decorating or structural changes within your Unit, inclusive of moving or removing any furniture, wall hangings, lamps, equipment, floor coverings, draperies/sheers, or any of the contents of the Unit. You are not permitted to make any decorating or structural changes in any other areas of the Donatello building. Any requests for movement of furniture must be made to the Club Housekeeping Department and they will respond as quickly as possible and evaluate such requests depending on safety and related risk management factors for the Club Donatello. Any decisions made by the Club Housekeeping Management to move or not move furniture is to be considered as a final decision and may not be unilaterally modified by Owners or Guests. These requirements apply equally to your Guests who may be staying or visiting within your Unit or within the Donatello building.
5. What happens if l lock myself out of my Unit or lose my Unit key?
The Club Management and Hotel Management have a passkey to all 45 Club Donatello units. In case of emergency, please contact the Front Desk immediately for assistance, and Club/Hotel Team Members may enter your Unit to respond to the emergency. If you are unaware of the emergency entry to your Unit, you will be notified as soon as is reasonably possible regarding the purposes of entry to your Unit.
Enforcement and Amendment of Club Donatello Rules & Regulations
1. Are the Rules and Regulations subject to change?
Yes. The Board of Directors may amend the Rules & Regulations from time to time to recognize market factors, changes/improvements in operations, technology influences, changes in ownership needs and expectations, and a variety of additional factors that may require them to be amended. You will be notified of any changes usually through an E-mail notice sent to your latest known E-mail address, and posted on the Club Donatello WEB Page at, and/or separate mailings to you.
2. How are the Rules and Regulations enforced?
The CC&R’s and Bylaws authorized the Board of Directors to require that all Owners and their Guests adhere to all of the requirements set forth in the Rules & Regulations, the CC&R's and the Bylaws. To assist the Board of Directors in the enforcement of the provisions of these documents, the Board has delegated certain enforcement authority and responsibility to the Club Management Team. Any Owner and/or Guest who has been advised by a representative of the Club Management Team that they are in violation of the Rules and Regulations and/or the Declaration will immediately be required to cease and desist that activity. If any Owner and/or Guest, after being notified by a Club Management Team representative that they are in violation of the Rules and Regulations and/or the Declaration, fails to fully comply with the Club Management Team representative's direction, the matter will be referred to the Board-appointed Committee (CC&R's, Bylaws & Rules) for consideration of the assessment of penalties and any other related action that may be required against the Owner. The Owner against whom such action is to be taken has the right to appear before the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting to contest such action, as provided for in the Bylaws and the Declaration.