Bonus Time Reservations
Subject to availability, and the administrative discretion of the Club Management, you may be entitled to reserve and occupy a Unit during one or more additional time periods beyond your Regular Owners Time. This is known as Bonus Time.
Weekend and/or Weekday Bonus Time may be available only if time has not been reserved by other Owners eligible to reserve Regular Time or Bonus Time, and you have used your entire Regular Time amount.
All Bonus Time reservations require a credit card guarantee to be provided at the time of the reservation confirmation to cover the required charges for use of Bonus Time, and/or any penalties in cases of late cancellations as described further in the questions and answers below.
1. How do I request Bonus Time
Subject to availability and a confirmation that you have used all of your Regular Time, you may telephone, FAX, E-mail, mail, or stop by the Club Donatello Reservations Department with your reservation request for use of Bonus Time. The same information requirements for making a Regular Time reservation request are needed (see #4, on page 2.)
2. How much advance notice must I give?
A reservation request for Bonus Time must be at least more than two (2) weeks prior to the first night/day of the requested visit. However, there are times when less than the required two (2) weeks period of time is permissible and you may call the Club Reservations Department, and check to see if there have been any late cancellations. Based on any such last minute availability, this may enable you to be placed on the On-Call Waiting List for possible use of Bonus Time.
3. How will I know if my Bonus Time reservation request has been granted?
Bonus Time reservation requests are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Bonus Time reservation requests will be confirmed by the Club Reservations Department in the same manner as for Regular Time reservation confirmations. (Please see #9 on Page 3)
4. Is there a limit on the number of nights/days of Bonus Time use? No. Bonus Time cannot be guaranteed for more than three (3) consecutive nights on a Sunday through Thursday basis, except for Monday Holiday weeks, and 2 consecutive nights on weekends. Subject to availability, an Owner may request that a confirmed Bonus Time reservation be extended for additional and successive one (1) day/night periods (from Check-Out Time on the last day of the original reservation or any extended Bonus Time period to Check-In Time on the next succeeding day), provided such request is made not more than 24 hours in advance of Check-in Time on the date sought for the extension.
5. Does Bonus Time affect any other benefits/policies regarding use of time at the Club Donatello?
Yes. While using Bonus Time, valet parking charges are at the regular posted rates for the Donatello Garage, and are not at the Regular Time discounted rate. However, the 10% discount for food and beverages in the Zingari Ristorante on the 2nd floor is still in effect upon proper presentation of your Club Donatello Gold Owners Card during Bonus Time use.
6. Can other Guests occupy my reserved Unit during my Bonus Time?
Yes, if you accompany them personally and they are occupying the Unit with you for the duration of the Bonus Time reserved.
No, they may not occupy the Unit without your presence for the duration of the Bonus Time reserved.
7. Is there a charge for Bonus Time use?
Yes. You will be charged a daily maintenance fee rate, plus any incidentals or purchases you may make within the Donatello while you are here. This daily maintenance fee is only for Owners and is subject to change by the Board of Directors from time to time.
8. What does the Club Donatello do with the maintenance fees generated from Bonus Time?
All such maintenance fees from Bonus Time usage are deposited monthly into the Operating Account of the Association to assist in defraying the overall operating costs of the Association, and this assists in keeping the Annual Dues down.
9. Other than availability, what might prevent me from securing a confirmation of a Bonus Time reservation?
Your Bonus Time reservation request will not be confirmed if any one of these following conditions exists:
(a) you have not used all of your Regular Owners time; (b) you are delinquent in the payment of any amounts owed the Association, or (c) if your Owner's rights have been suspended by the Association
10. Is there a penalty for cancellation, modification of a Bonus Time reservation?
No. If you cancel or modify your Bonus Time reservation at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled Check-in Time (3 PM) of the day reserved for arrival.
Yes. If you cancel or modify your Bonus Time reservation less than 72 hours in advance of the scheduled Check-in Time (3 PM) of the day reserved for arrival unless we are able to have another Owner or paying Guest occupy the room for the same amount of time of your original reservation. The penalty, in this case, is that your credit card will be charged the daily Bonus Time maintenance fee for the total number of Bonus Time nights/days that you originally reserved, less any days that we are able to fill the room for the amount of time of your original reservation.