Exchange Promotions
Club Donatello is always finding ways to get the best deals for our Owners. We have listed a few of the Exchange companies who have an ongoing promotion for all our CDOA Owners. Please click on the links for more details.
Get Your Travel On.
No Membership Fees. Really.
At 7Across, we are all about getting you on vacation by minimizing the fees and fine print standing in your way.
For the latest promotions with 7Across, please click here
If you have any questions, send 7Across an email at, call them directly at 1-800-468-1799, or visit
Interval International
Interval International
Special Enrollment Offer for Club Donatello Owners by Interval International.
Enroll today by calling toll-free- 888-784-1242 or 305-666-1884 (select Option 3) or visiting
Resort Condominiums International 
RCI provides its 3.8 million Subscribing Members access to 4,200+ RCI affiliated resorts in 110 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange programs*.
RCI® Subscribing Members are passionate about how they spend their hard-earned leisure time, demanding flexibility, quality, and variety. Our members choose RCI to get more benefits relating to their vacation ownership.
Turn your timeshare into a vacation lifestyle by making RCI your first stop for booking all things travel. The best part? You’re already a part of it! 
For the latest promotions with RCI, please click here
Enroll today by calling 800-338-7777 or visit
San Francisco Preferred Resorts
As Club Donatello has been the foundation of the creation of The San Francisco Exchange (SFX), thanks to you this year we are celebrating our 30th year anniversary of being in business. 
Here is a special message from San Francisco Exchange: A Message From SFX Preferred Resorts. For additional information about SFX, please click here.
If you have any questions regarding these valuable benefits, please call us at 800-739-9969 for assistance or visit
Mel Grant - CEO
The Club Donatello Reservations Team is available for any inquiries regarding your Owner's Time and ways to deposit your week with these Exchange companies. Please contact us at