Title Transfer
Transfer of Ownership/Title Change: The CDOA does not get involved in the legal process for title changes; however, we can refer you to Deborah Macias of Vacation Ownership Title Agency, Inc. who may be able to assist you regarding this matter.  
         Name: Aleta Hannum
         Company: Vacation Ownership Title Agency
         Tel. No.: 775-443-4300
         Email: ahannum@votainc.com
Resales: Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated real estate broker in charge of any sale or resale for the Club Donatello. However, we can refer you to Timeshare Real Estate Broker, Betty Zipf of Tri West Real Estate.
·        Name: Betty L. Zipf, Senior Sales Agent/Resort Specialist
·        Company: Tri West Real Estate
·        Tel. No.: 800-423-6377 (Toll Free)
·        Tel. No.: 310-823-7552 (Office)
·        Fax No.: 760-724-0448 (Fax)
·        Office Hours: M-F; 9AM-5PM (PT)
Timeshare Websites: There are also several good websites for information about timeshare resales such as: Timeshare Users Group (TUG) and American Resort Development Association (ARDA).
Deed Back Process: The Club Donatello Owners Association do not have a permanent Deed Back program. However, the Board of Directors have approved this one-time limited program for this year. You may participate in the deed back program for a fee. The transfer will only be completed after a Title Search has been done and the unit is free and clear of any liens and encumbrances. After we have verified a clean title, only then will the Association be able to accept the unit for the program. If you are interested in participating in the deed back program, please send your request via email to administration@clubdonatello.org or in writing to:
Board of Directors
501 Post Street – 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102